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[A]fter years of steeping in plans to elevate the specialty tea market, the European Tea Society made its official debut at the Tea & Coffee World Cup in Birmingham, UK, last week. Inspired by the successful advocacy and global education capabilities of the Specialty Coffee Association, the nonprofit organization’s goal is to promote and inspire excellence in the specialty tea community. The group hopes to facilitate connections between professionals from gardens to specialists along the tea value chain in an inclusive and nurturing environment.

The European Tea Society booth at Tea & Coffee World Cup 2018.

Founding Director of the European Tea society, Bernadine Tay, expressed her vision for the organization, stating, “As a modern, forward-thinking society, we want to use technology for ongoing skill acquisition that is critical to persistent professional progression. Only by developing a shared learning community can we innovate.” Plans are already in the works for webinars, mentorship programs, industry standard setting, and funding consumer and scientific research.

Interested parties can join the organization through either an individual membership or corporate membership plan, with annual dues starting at $84 per year.

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