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While plastic bags usually wouldn’t be cause for celebration, the new reusable plastic coffee bags at Demitasse Coffee deserve their own parade. Last week, the company began to implement reusable plastic bags with a resealable closure to distribute coffee from its roastery to its three cafés in the Los Angeles area. The standard foil and plastic-lined bags that Demitasse was using before could only be used once and weren’t recyclable.

“It’s just a massive waste,” Bobak Roshan, the founder of Demitasse, tells Fresh Cup.

The change is just one among an ongoing series of sustainability initiatives for Demitasse.

“This year as a company we took a New Year’s resolution to eliminate one piece of single-use waste out each month,” explains Roshan. “In January we got rid of throw-away plastic cups for water for customers who were taking their drinks ‘for here’ and replaced them with reusable plastic cups. February we eliminated those wooden stir sticks and in their place are using metal chopsticks.”

Roshan also said that while customers hadn’t noticed the plastic bags yet, they’ve been supportive of the cup and stirrer changes. He hopes to start using the reusable bags with local wholesale partners as his challenge for April.

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