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JocoCupGreen-collar cups

The more paper and plastic cups your customers throw away, the more you have to buy. Not to mention what gets contributed to landfills for the sake of convenience. Enter JOCO Cups: Not only do these stylish vessels look good on a shelf, they offer durability (they’re made from hard-wearing borosiliate glass), simplicity (they come in barista-friendly eight and twelve-ounce sizes), relief from eco-guilt, and safe drinking (an ergonomic lid greatly reduces spills while a thermal sleeve keeps coffee hot and hands cool).

Dairy defiancePacificFoods_Almond

Baristas know how difficult it can be to craft excellent microfoam using non-dairy liquids. Pacific Foods tackled that problem by engineering its Barista Series, a line of alternative milks that blend well with coffee and don’t inhibit latte art. Pacific’s newest release, Barista Series Almond Milk, is the first almond milk on the market designed to withstand high heat and complement espresso. pacificfoods.com

CashBoxRad Cash

Choosing to switch from a dated cash register to an iPad POS is easy, but tablets are fragile, require charging, and attract sticky fingers. The Cashbox integrates a credit card reader, iPad and charging cords, cash drawer, and receipt printer into one attractive and secure system. Designed to work with industry-standard cash drawers and printers, The Cashbox is intuitive, made from earth-friendly materials, and because each model is built to order by Happy Owl Studio in San Diego, the system is highly customizable with laser-engraved logos, a special type of wood, or a customer finish.

EdisonBulbsGet lit

Looking for an easy way to jazz-age your in-house lighting? These old-timey light bulbs are making a comeback in cafés and restaurants due to their mellow glow and antique appeal. “Edison” or filament bulbs come in all shapes and sizes, some with more complex interiors (see: squirrel cage bulbs), and because of their low-key light, they look cool hanging on their own, sans shade. Multiple styles available at many hardware stores.

Waffle breakRipVanWaffle

“Our mission is to revolutionize the forgettable American coffee run,” boasts Rip Van Wafels, makers of Amsterdam-style waffle cookies in the Dutch koffietijd (coffee time) tradition. Aside from offering a fun alternative to basic pastries, the company’s individually-packaged treats (in original caramel-filled and cocoa-filled) impart a relaxing ritual: place the waffle on a hot coffee or tea; let the steam soften the center; enjoy warm, melty goodness.

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