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Coffee plays a role in many of today’s most pressing concerns. From sustainable agriculture to climate change, social equality, and women’s rights, these matters are woven into coffee production. It’s important to recognize the efforts and successes of individuals and organizations who take it upon themselves to move the industry forward. 

For 28 years, the Ernesto Illy Award for the Sustainable Quality of Coffee has been presented to Brazilian growers who implement practices to develop and enhance the quality and sustainability of coffee throughout the country. On April 4, Andrea Illy, president of illycaffé, hosted the event in São Paulo to recognize regional winners, a sustainable supplier of the year, and classifiers of the year. Illycaffé awarded more than R$120,000 in prizes to the growers. In October, the top three main winners, Carlos Alberto Leite Coutinho, from the federal capital Brasília (Midwest region), Elmiro Alves do Nascimento, from Presidente Olegário city (Cerrado Mineiro region), and José Pedro Marques de Araujo, from Manhuaçu city (Matas de Minas region), will travel to New York City to be a part of the 4th Annual Ernesto Illy International Coffee Awards.

Meanwhile, Grounds for Health has been dedicated to treating and preventing cervical cancer among women in developing coffee lands since 1996. This year, Grounds for Health recognized Monin for their continued contributions to support the organization. Not only has Monin made substantial cash donations since 2006, but the company utilized product campaigns and trade advertising, and created specialty recipes to further support the Grounds for Health mission, help them expand to Peru, and deepen their impact in Nicaragua and Tanzania. An estimated 4,200 women were able to be screened for cervical cancer thanks to Monin’s contributions.

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