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[R]oasters, pack your bags, spoons, and beret: This year’s Coffee Roasters Guild Camp is scheduled to take place in Annecy, France, September 30–October 3. The roaster camp has been created to build upon elements of the SCA’s Coffee Skills Program, creating a variety of modules to cater to roasters with diverse skill levels and interest.

Join instructors Dmitrii Borodai of The Welder Catherine; Fabiana Carvalho of the University of Campinas, Brazil; Filip Bartelak of Coffee Grange; Talor Browne of Talormade; Francisco Velazquez of C O M A (Coffee, Metrics & Analytics); Samo Smrke of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences; Stephen Houston of Bailies Coffee Roasters; and Lauro Fioretti of Simonelli. Two keynote addresses will be given: Morten Münchow of CoffeeMind will speak on Sensory Evaluation of Roast Profile Modulation, and Jean-Xavier Guinard, a Professor of Sensory Science at UC Davis, will speak on the Effect of Brewing Parameters on Coffee Sensory Quality and Consumer Acceptance.

Registration is now open and early bird pricing will be available through August 16.

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