Understanding the Cost Crisis

For all we love about coffee, there is a growing awareness of an age-old undercurrent: a deceptive riptide that many are calling the “Cost Crisis,” whose forces are being felt more acutely during this…
by Michael Ryan | December 11, 2019

SCA Coffee Price Crisis Response Initiative Mid-Year Update

SCA Chief Sustainability Officer, Kim Elena Ionescu, and Director of Strategy & Steering for Advocacy, Ellie Hudson, recently led a webinar presentation that walked through the organization’s research and approach to solving this complicated…
by Fresh Cup Staff | August 21, 2019

Brazil & Colombia Join Forces to Combat Low Prices

Two of the world’s largest arabica-producing countries are teaming up with the goal of helping coffee growers reverse the effects of the current coffee price crisis.
by Fresh Cup Staff | June 26, 2019

Crisis Forces Colombia’s Coffee Farmers Fight for Living Wage

The lands that produce Colombia’s treasured coffee beans are disappearing as market prices reach a nadir.
by Matt Levin | June 7, 2019

Growing the Next Generation of Coffee Farmers

Worries about losing the next generation of farmers due to the comparative lack of appeal against other vocations has the coffee industry wondering how to fix coffee farming for today’s youth.
by Fresh Cup Staff | January 15, 2019

SCA Announces New Coffee Price Crisis Response Initiative

Ever since August, when the commodities market dropped below $1.00 a pound, alarm bells have been ringing throughout the industry: coffee prices are dangerously low.
by Fresh Cup Staff | December 19, 2018

Low Commodities Prices Sting Industry

Farmers may choose to leave cherries on the tree this year as commodity coffee prices have dropped to the lowest prices in over a decade.
by Fresh Cup Staff | October 3, 2018