Kore Directive Gets the Party Started

Held at Volcano Coffee Works in Brixton, South London, the idea behind the Kore Directive is to give women a chance to network, build up skills, and get a sense of belonging in what…
by Elizabeth Hotson | December 12, 2018

Assam’s First Bada Madam

For the first time in its 200-year history, an Assam tea estate is being led by a bada madam, or women boss.
by Fresh Cup Staff | December 12, 2018

The Kore Directive

The Kore Directive is London’s newest non-profit organization directed at helping women in coffee.
by Anastasia Prikhodko | October 16, 2018


Real talk, education, and empowerment in Australia’s coffee culture.
by Anastasia Prikhodko | September 18, 2018

Sip of Hope Coffee Bar

Chicago's Sip of Hope gives 100 percent of proceeds to Hope for the Day. The mission: to break the silence that surrounds mental health issues.
by Carrie Pallardy | September 4, 2018

Pay Transparency

What are the benefits of pay transparency, and how can cafés implement transparent pay structures without added expense or conflict? Experts from pay-transparent cafés have the answers, and they are eager to spread the…
by RJ Joseph | July 11, 2018

Café Femenino

For many coffee drinkers, the realities of coffee production are a distant thought. But as we continue to consume and enjoy our daily brew, it’s time to take into account how our actions can…
by Anastasia Prikhodko | June 20, 2018


Five women share their thoughts on inclusivity, diversity, and fairness in today’s specialty coffee and tea trade.
by Anastasia Prikhodko | May 23, 2018