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Friends, readers, and casual browsers, we know what you’re thinking: what am I supposed to get my mom/uncle I never see/Secret Santa this holiday season? 

Can we suggest something from the world of coffee? It’s not a bad idea to bet the subject of your gift-giving affections likes coffee—nearly everyone does—and we’ve asked our team of contributors to share their favorite caffeinated (and non-caffeinated!) treats sure to bring a smile to everyone on your gift-giving list. 

Timemore Go Cordless Grinder

I saw this product and immediately fell in love with it. If you are a filter coffee lover looking to improve your brews like me, it offers the practicality of a portable hand grinder and the precision of an electric grinder. Plus, it is rechargeable via USB, the design is top-notch, and the price is also great. — Maria Jose Parra

The Tornado Duo Brewer from Brewista

I saw this brewer while on the showroom floor at Chicago CoffeeFest, and it truly was love at first sight. The way the glass swirls and the gold accents, it is the most beautiful brewer I’ve seen in a long time. And it isn’t just a pretty face! The double-walled glass means it retains water temperature when brewing and the ribbed swirling design on the inside helps each cup extract well and slowly. It is my go-to brewer these days. — Brit Alexandria

Coffee Subscriptions!

When people ask me for coffee recommendations, I always tell them to pick what makes them happy—and subscriptions work the same way. A coffee subscription is a lovely gift that keeps on giving, and you don’t have to scrounge through anyone’s “best roasters” list to find a subscription service: nearly every roaster offers subscriptions you can customize, so pick what you like! Pick a local roaster or a brand you’ve seen on Instagram!

For me, I love the weekly subscription from YES PLZ, who send you a bag of coffee a week (they tailor their offerings based on what they’re digging, which I adore—I hate choosing), but I’ve also recommended subscriptions from brands like Máquina Coffee, Three Keys Coffee, and Vignette Coffee (what’s currently in my rotation). — Ashley Rodriguez

1Zpresso Manual Grinder

I’m a big fan of making coffee while traveling and camping, and I added the 1ZPresso Manual Grinder to my travel coffee kit this year. It’s super durable, portable, and reliable whether you’re making coffee by the campfire or in a hotel room. It’s become my daily driver at home too! — Anne Mercer

Sibarist Fast Flat Filters

You can never have too many coffee filters. Barcelona-based Sibarist offers a variety of filters made from a proprietary blend of organic paper fibers. The result is an unbelievably fast flow rate, so say goodbye to stalled brews and long drawdowns. The filters are designed to fit flat t to minimize bypass and have already become the go-to filter in the competition scene. — Michael Butterworth

Soul Chai Powder

Great Chai is authentic and packs a nice, spicy punch—if you agree, you need Soul Chai in your life. It is a spiced Chai powder that comes in both a caffeinated Masala Chai and a decaffeinated Rooibos option and can be made using a whisk or handheld milk frother. I love it because it comes without any added sugar, so I can add whatever sweetener I feel or go without. Each hand-packed tin offers around 40+ cups, so you get so much Chai packed into one beautiful blue and red package. — Brit Alexandria

How to Taste Coffee by Jessica Easto

There’s nothing classier than gifting a book, especially if it involves food and drink. Published in October 2023, “How to Taste Coffee” is a quilt of sensory science, practical activities, and coffee stories. It’s perfect for those friends who are interested in coffee but maybe not obsessed with it (yet). For bonus points, try some of the exercises together in person when you’re together for the holidays with your people. For triple bonus points, pair it with Coffee Project NY’s Around the World 12 Days Coffee Tasting Box, quite possibly the coolest holiday sample pack I’ve ever seen. — Miranda Haney

Loveramics Brewers Jug 

I have always loved vessels designed with a scientific approach and thoughtful research. This is why the Loveramics specialty jug (and cups!) would be a great gift. They also have a very sophisticated, aesthetically appealing design, and you can play and experiment with your sensory skills with the different types of cups in their range (they make cups designed to enhance specific taste sensations like sweet, nutty, and floral). — Maria Jose Parra

Swiss Water Decaf Subscription

The ‘death before decaf’ days are well over now that delicious decaf is easy to find and brew. Coffee’s true fans are here for the experience, caffeine or not. We’ve been drinking a lot of late-night decaf in our home, and there’s nothing like a guiltless midnight cappuccino. 

The Swiss Water subscription is a great way to explore the flavor possibilities of decaf with coffees from roasters around the country. Since most roasters only offer one decaf option, going the subscription route via Swiss Water is a great way to aggregate quality decafs into one ordering interface and simplify decaf discovery. — Garrett Oden

Fellow Stagg Tasting Glasses

I’m a sucker for simple, classic mug and glassware designs. Fellow’s Stagg Tasting Glasses look sleek, and the double-walled cup and flared lip design make it a tactile experience for all coffee drinkers. — Anne Mercer

We Belong: An Anthology of Colombian Women Coffee Farmers

Lucia Bawot beautifully documents the stories of 35 women coffee farmers in Colombia, sharing stories of family, loss, and responsibility tied to the coffee we consume. This book so moved me—not only is Bawot a brilliant photographer, but the stories she shares prove the power of listening and asking questions. — Ashley Rodriguez

Jennings CJ-4000 Scale

I’ve used this scale for ages. It’s an excellent starter scale for weighing out coffee and making pour overs. Even if I’m just making coffee at home, it’s easy to use and won’t break the bank. — Lydia Stopler

Also, don’t forget that some of the best coffee presents are likely in your neighborhood! Support small businesses by visiting your local cafe and checking out their holiday offerings or buying a gift card! Thanks for reading, and from the team at Fresh Cup, we hope you have a great, coffee-filled holiday season! 

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