UC Davis Coffee Center Hires First Full-Time Staff Member


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Juliet Han

Juliet Han. Photo: UC Davis

The UC Davis Coffee Center has announced the hire of its first full-time staff member: As Probat Roasting Fellow, Juliet Han will serve as head roaster for the center and manage the undergraduate coffee laboratory. The position was made possible by the support of Probat, who funded the position for three years and donated roasting equipment to the center.

With 15 years of experience in the coffee industry, Han brings with her more than seven years of roasting experience, including five as head roaster at Blue Bottle Coffee. She is also a certified Q Instructor by the Coffee Quality Institute.

As a representative of the center, Han will perform outreach, instruct students and researchers on how to use roasting equipment, and communicate with faculty, community members, and coffee industry representatives. She will also oversee “The Design of Coffee,” the center’s flagship course and one of the campus’ most popular electives, as well as manage all roasting for both research and education.

“I feel like this is the future,” says Han. “UC Davis is really at the forefront of coffee research and I’m excited to contribute to the future of coffee.”

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