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[L]avender, rose, hibiscus, elderflower, chamomile, cherry blossom … Nope, this isn’t an arrangement we’re picking up from the florist—these powerful flower flavors are what’s on the menu.

2018 has been tipped as the year of floral flavors, and with spring officially here, there’s no better time to try out the trend.

When lightly poured, floral syrups can add a sophisticated background note in a beverage or food item. Poured with a heavier hand, they can create bold bouquets of vibrant, spring-fresh flavors.

Following are a few petal-powered recipes to get your creative juices going:

      • 15ml 1883 Lavender syrup
      • 150ml milk
      • 30ml espresso


Pour the syrup into a cup. Prepare latte milk and pour it gently into the cup with the syrup. Prepare an espresso and pour it gently into the rest of the ingredients. Serve. This drink can also be made with 1883 Orchid, Rose, or Elderflower syrups.

      • 30ml 1883 Rose syrup
      • 90ml mango juice
      • 30ml Red Tea
      • Ice (1 cup)
      • Lime (garnish)
      • Mint leaves (garnish)
      • Strawberry fruit (garnish)


Pour syrup into a glass, then ice, juice, and brewed tea. Stir well, garnish, and serve. This drink can also be made well with 1883 Raspberry, Lychee, and Strawberry syrups.

Hibiscus Tea, photo by Cynthia MeadorsPASSIONFRUIT ROSEHIP & HIBISCUS TEA
      • 4cl 1883 Passion Fruit syrup
      • 1 tea bag Rosehip and Hibiscus
      • 12cl hot water
      • Ice (1 cup)
      • Mint leaves (garnish)


Infuse tea for 3-4 minutes in a cup. Pour syrup in a shaker, followed by ice and brewed tea. Shake until chilled then pour into a glass. Garnish with mint leaves. Serve. This drink can also be made with 1883 Banana, Raspberry, Mango, and Strawberry syrups.

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