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[M]inneapolis-based Mill City Roasters is hosting a series of two-hour workshops in its upcoming tour, “Profiling for Purpose.” The event kicks off at its headquarters on Saturday, November 2, travels to OZO Coffee Company in Boulder, Colorado, on Friday, November 8, and finishes in Portland, Oregon, on Wednesday, November 13, at Buckman Coffee Factory.

Attendees can enjoy tastings and discussion about strategic roast profiling, as well as utilizing cupping skills to understand the retail coffee market. The hosts will make a beverage using Pacific Foods’ Oat Milk while speaking on seasonal, plant-based drinks and how to take advantage of what is hot in the coffee industry. Afterward, the Big Red Roast Rig will be parked outside, with Mill City reps pulling shots for visitors and answering questions.

Big Red Roast Rig @millcityroasters

The workshop is $50, and registration is available online. For those who can’t attend, livestream passes are available for all three cities for $25.

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