As the Bushfires Rage On, Australia’s Coffee Community Rallies

The bushfire crisis in Australia has brought with it a cohesive force. Communities, industries, and individuals are coming together to offer help—ultimately, filling the nation with hope.
by Anastasia Prikhodko | January 15, 2020

SAME CUP Launches Coffee Subscription

“The goal is to create cash flow so we can keep doing good things. We are proud of what we’ve achieved, but we want to go bigger and lift more people.”
by Anastasia Prikhodko | August 7, 2019

Single O Raises the Batch Bar

Off the back of the rising consumption of black coffee and in a move to slash waiting times, Sydney-based roaster Single O has installed a self-serve batch tap prototype at their newly renovated Surry…
by Anastasia Prikhodko | May 8, 2019

Five Minutes With: Elle Jensen

Late last week, Amethyst Coffee owner and founder of Cherry Roast Elle Jensen made an announcement that the inclusive coffee platform and competition was coming to an end. Fresh Cup spoke to Jensen about…
by Anastasia Prikhodko | April 9, 2019

Coffee Activism, Part 2: Paving the Way Forward

Starting off as a grassroots movement in the U.S., the current wave of coffee activism has become a global movement binding the industry together.
by Anastasia Prikhodko | April 9, 2019

MICE 2019 Takes it Back to the Basics

Australia’s only coffee-dedicated trade show, the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE), brought more than 140 local and international exhibitors together to network, educate, and celebrate.
by Anastasia Prikhodko | February 13, 2019

Origin: Australia

As the global demand for specialty coffee continues to grow, coffee farmers in Australia aim to compete with heavy-hitting coffee-producing countries—even amidst challenges.
by Anastasia Prikhodko | February 4, 2019

USA takes WAC Gold

56 competitors from countries including Croatia, Japan, Spain, Qatar, and Turkey competed in a series of coffee brewing rounds using the AeroPress.
by Anastasia Prikhodko | November 20, 2018

Five Minutes With: Carolina Ibarra Garay, 2018 USA AeroPress Champion

Gearing up for the World AeroPress Championships
by Anastasia Prikhodko | November 6, 2018

No Death to Coffee

The industry of coffee may be on the brink of collapse due to increasing demand, coffee farmers facing regular droughts, and the destructive impact of diseases like leaf rust.
by Anastasia Prikhodko | October 24, 2018