How to Write a Great Barista Job Description (Examples + Template)

From scant descriptions to full-length novels, barista job postings can vary wildly. Here's what every job description should include, along with a free downloadable template.
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What You Need To Know About Coffee Shop Software

Beyond the essentials, apps and software can provide immediate and long-term benefits to a coffee shop. But each piece of software comes at a cost—and not always a financial one.
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For The Love of Decaf: A Glimpse Into the Rise of Decaffeinated Specialty Coffee

People have consumed coffee for its stimulating effect since the beginning. Legend has it that Kaldi, a goat herder in Ethiopia, discovered coffee cherries when he noticed how energetic his goats were after eating…
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A Breakdown of 6 Coffee Ads (And Why They Work)

Even after more than a century of industry innovation and growth, coffee advertising remains stale: here are six ads doing something fresh.
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Beyond the Throwdown: Other Ways to Grow Your Coffee Community

Looking beyond latte art competitions to connect folks over coffee.
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With A Push Of A Button — How Automation Bridges The Gap Between Convenience and Craftsmanship

Here's how cutting-edge shops are leveraging automation to create a memorable experience for customers and baristas. 
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