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national strawberry month

[A] member of the rose family, high in vitamin C, and the only fruit with seeds on the outside, strawberries are a harbinger of spring. They’re the first fruit to ripen and May is National Strawberry Month in the United States. We’ve collected some of our favorite strawberry-forward products to inspire ideas for expanding your offerings, and to add a little spring to your step.


national strawberry month
(Photo: courtesy of Maison Routin.)

Welcome to My House
Maison Routin’s strawberry syrup delivers fresh berry flavor balanced with subtle sweetness. Its smooth texture makes for an easy addition to champagne, cocktails, sodas, and smoothies—it can even spruce up apple juice. Tempt your customers with a sumptuous strawberry selection. The possibilities are endless!


national strawberry month
(Photo: courtesy of Chobani.)

Flip Cup
Chobani’s limited-batch Strawberry Summer Crisp is a fruit-forward and probiotic-filled way to fuel summer. The white chocolate and graham cracker combo flips into the strawberry yogurt, adding a crunch and sweetness customers of all ages will love. Chobani’s Greek yogurt includes live and active cultures, three types of probiotics, and contains less than 5 percent lactose.


national strawberry month
(Photo: courtesy of Crunchies.)

Strawberries Freeze-Dried Forever
Crunchies freeze-dried strawberries are a tasty snack on their own, and a fun way to add some crunch to your five-a-day. These berry bursts are excellent in smoothies or as a healthy topping for ice cream, oatmeal, or chia seed pudding. Crunchies works directly with farmers, providing consumers with fruit that has been harvested fresh, cleaned, then quickly frozen.


national strawberry day
(Photo: courtesy of Monin.)

Frosé All Day
Monin’s new fruit purees have concentrated and consistent flavors, making them easy to use in multiple ways. Strawberry puree is a key ingredient in frosé—last summer’s favorite boozy frozen treat—and also works as a flavor addition to yogurt, cocktails, and teas. It can even be used as a donut filling!


national strawberry day
(Photo: courtesy of Smashmallow.)

Sugary Snackability
Smashmallows are better-for-you, gluten-free, and snackable marshmallows in fruity flavor smash-ups. Smashmallow’s Strawberries & Cream flavor is a sweet treat your customers will love atop hot chocolates, or on its own as a dessert. Eighty calories per serving makes for a tasty option that won’t ruin a healthy day.

Rachel Sandstrom Morrison is Fresh Cup‘s associate editor.

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