How Coffee Shops Are Breaking The Rules To Create Signature Drinks

Housemade syrups are par for the course at independent coffee shops: patrons are just as likely to see menu stalwarts like cappuccinos and mochas grace a menu alongside latte mashups flavored with syrups like…
by Amber Gibson | August 18, 2023

Taking Community Support to the Coffee Shop

Many coffee shops go beyond serving coffee to create a sense of community through fundraising and supporting causes that foster inclusivity.
by Haley Greene | July 26, 2023

What You Need to Know About Barista Certification Programs 

Barista certification programs promise to teach learners new skills and can help with career advancement. But do they fulfill that promise? 
by Valorie Clark | July 21, 2023

How A 1900’s Schoolhouse Became A Community-Focused Coffee Shop

Schoolhouse 7 Cafe takes a lesson from its former life as a one-room schoolhouse with decades of history.
by Mack Nigh | July 7, 2023

Making Room For Specialty Coffee In France

Specialty coffee can seem at odds with traditional French culture. But some entrepreneurs in France’s specialty space are making efforts to bridge that gap—and are succeeding.
by Sarah Charles | June 28, 2023

An Homage To Espresso Vivace’s Sidewalk Cafe

The Seattle mainstay may have shut down its iconic sidewalk cafe, but its influence on the specialty coffee industry will not be forgotten.
by Valorie Clark | June 23, 2023

Through Turmoil, Zambia’s Kawambwa Tea Lives On

Despite decades of political disruption and leadership changes, Zambia's Kawambwa Tea brand is on course to succeed with new government investment.
by Fiske Nyirongo | June 21, 2023

Finding, Brewing, and Drinking Coffee On The Road

On the search for coffee on the road fueled by aliens, velociraptors, abandoned strip malls, and mysterious latte flavors.
by Valorie Clark | June 16, 2023

At Slow Bloom, Unionized Baristas Are Their Own Bosses

In Southern California’s Inland Empire, baristas came together to open Slow Bloom, a cooperative coffee business built on worker solidarity.
by James Anderson | June 14, 2023

The Magic Of Small Coffee Shops

Teeny tiny coffee shops prove that success can be found even in the smallest of spaces.
by Valorie Clark | May 31, 2023