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Glitter Cat Barista and GoFundBean have launched Hot Medicated Summer Raffle and Auction. “This raffle is in support of 2022 US Cup Tasters Champion Julien Langevin and 2018 US Barista Championship Runner-Up and Glitter Cat Barista founder Veronica Pearl, both of whom have incurred significant financial debt from treatment for mental health crises,” a press release states. The raffle is happening now and will run through July 22nd, while the auction, featuring a one-of-a-kind item from Fellow Products, will go from the 17th to the 22nd. 

Why It Matters: Julien and Veronica are no strangers to the coffee community: along with their coffee competition accomplishments, both are active community members and give time, energy, and care graciously to those around them. “Julien and Veronica are two of the most notable trans luminaries in the US specialty coffee industry, having dedicated their careers to promoting inclusivity and equity in coffee,” the press release reads. “Both Julien and Veronica have been unable to work due to their struggles with mental health crises in early 2023. Funds raised through the raffle will go directly to Julien and Veronica to pay off their

medical and personal debts from inpatient treatment, transitional housing, lost wages, and ongoing treatment and recovery.” 

The Full Extraction: Glitter Cat and GoFundBean have partnered with coffee brands like Atlas Coffee Importers, Umeshiso, and Trans & Caffeinated for the Hot Medicated Summer Raffle and Auction and will be offering unique and limited edition versions of coffee gear you can’t get anywhere else. “Some of the industry’s most well-loved companies have come together to offer many big-ticket items for the raffle. Many of these items will be one-of-a-kind, hand-painted by artists across the US and Canada.” 

You can find prizes and bundle packages featuring products from Breville, Mahlkonig, Baratza, Brewista, Moccamaster, Acaia, and Fellow. MiiR, Slow Pour Supply, Trans & Caffeinated, and Urnex 

Prizes featuring coffee are provided by Boon Boona Coffee, Caffe Vita, Chobani, Coava Coffee Roasters, Coffee Business, Favor Coffee, Junior’s Roasted Coffee, Onyx Coffee Labs, Smith Tea, and Three Keys Coffee. 

Brands like Big Heart Tea, Boon Boona, Colibri & Renard, Fuel Coffee, Postern Coffee, and Uncommon Coffee will also make matching donations up to specific amounts. 

The raffle is live now—it kicked off on July 10th, with new prizes and bundles added every day until July 15th, and the raffle closes on July 22nd. Indianapolis-based Shuv Coffee will also be “selling two coffees under the label Trans Health Mental Fund in partnership with Glitter Cat, Atlas Coffee Importers, and Cafe Imports. The coffee will be available for purchase on Shuv’s online store, and all profits from the coffees will be donated to Julien and Veronica.” There is also a button for folks to donate directly

But there’s more! “On July 17th, Glitter Cat will announce an auction of a one-of-a-kind item from Fellow Products. This is a truly unique and impressive item that will not be mass produced or sold to the public.” 

What’s More: Coffee is a hard industry to work in, but one of the remarkable things that define our community is solidarity and how members show up for one another. We hope you check out the raffle and learn more about the positive work both Veronica and Julien have been part of—raffle tickets start as low as $7, and donations of any size can be made by clicking here.  

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