New Product: Barista Matcha Helps Cafes Make Matcha Lattes in Seconds


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Matcha is not a new ingredient to make its way into coffee shops, but more people are talking about matcha than ever before. According to the food data insights platform Tastewise, social conversations about matcha lattes have increased by 36% over the last year.

The new Barista Matcha from Two Leaves and a Bud aims to make it easier for cafes to add matcha to their menus. The latest product from the Colorado-based company blends powdered Japanese matcha and sugar to create a sweetened matcha base flavor that works simply with milk or with additional flavors or syrups. 

We spoke with vice president of sales Jen Okeson and social media manager Hannah Adkins to learn more about Two Leaves and a Bud’s Barista Matcha and why now is the time to add matcha drinks to your menu.  

Matcha is showing up on more coffee shop menus—why do you think that is?

Okeson: People are more aware of global trends than ever before and are looking for delicious new foods and drinks to try. Matcha has a bold personality that stands up well in lattes and pairs well with various flavors. Consumers are demanding healthy, delicious options, and matcha fits the bill. It’s a simple, natural product that’s easy to understand.

Adkins: More and more consumers are looking toward tea for their caffeine intake as they seek any additional health benefits from their beverages, and matcha is just full of so many things that will make a difference in your mind and body! Beyond the benefits, matcha is a unique flavor that pairs well with tons of different flavors and fits well in different formats, whether a drink or a baked good! Plus, a high-quality matcha like ours makes drinks with such a beautiful color that consumers will want to share with their social media feeds.

What makes this new matcha a barista matcha?

Okeson: Our Barista Matcha comes in a larger size and is easy to prep to meet the demands of our cafe partners. It’s interesting: our largest matcha-moving months have been in the summer when iced matcha lattes are served.

Adkins: Matcha flavor is the star of our Barista Matcha, but it’s also sweeter than some of the other matcha powders in our product line to meet modern consumer tastes. Our sweetest blend is still half as sweet as most latte blends, so it fits a unique spot on the market. You can still add flavor or syrups, but it is absolutely a solid stand-alone solution for a busy cafe’s matcha needs. 

You’ve upped the sweetness in this blend. Why is that?

Okeson: Some of our valued partners requested a sweeter matcha than our best-selling Nice Matcha. They also wanted a drink with more room for margin, and Barista Matcha has a lower cost.

We tested this matcha blend at a regional cafe with multiple locations and received great feedback on the taste and performance. It fits a sweet spot on the market—literally! It’s sweet enough, and you can still absolutely taste delicious matcha.

How do you use this product in a cafe setting? Do you need a whisk?

Okeson: Our Barista Matcha is designed to dissolve quickly and easily. You do not need a whisk, but we often advise using one. Always add the milk before the powder.

Use a simple 1-2-3 method for prep:

  • Hot drinks: Measure, whisk and steam, and serve
    • Start with milk or milk alternative in a steaming pitcher or cup, add powder, whisk and steam, then serve. The milk microfoam (white part) and matcha/milk (green part) remain separate, so you can create art by pouring just like with espresso-based lattes.
  • Cold drinks: Measure, shake, and serve
    • Start with ice, then milk or milk alternative in a drink shaker, add powder, shake, and serve. The ice helps break up the powder beautifully and adds air into the milk, creating great foam and a beautiful drink.

What’s your favorite matcha drink you’ve had from a cafe?

Okeson: I love an iced lavender matcha latte. It’s a common flavor pairing we’ve seen this spring. At home, I’m making iced maple matcha lattes. It will be fabulous hot in the fall!

Adkins: My favorite matcha drink—whether in a cafe or at home—is a strawberry matcha latte with vanilla cold foam. There are so many different ways to prepare a strawberry matcha, and I love that natural sweetness! 


Two Leaves and a Bud is an independent, Colorado-based tea company committed to quality tea and plant-based packaging. The company serves coffee shops with supplies like whole leaf sachets, loose leaf tea, matcha, and latte mixes.

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