New Product: Latte Art Factory’s Smart Cafe Milk Frother Comes To The United States


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This article is sponsored by our partner, Latte Art Factory.

Nearly every new invention or piece of equipment automating coffee processes has focused on espresso machines and brewers. Now, it’s milk’s turn.

The Latte Art Factory is a milk frothing and dispensing tool that’s won the Specialty Coffee Association’s Best New Product Award not once but three times. 

The Latte Art Factory can froth various kinds of milk to virtually any texture. It can dispense milk either into a pitcher (for pouring) or directly into a drink for a consistent and largely hands-off beverage prep. All you have to do is pick from one of the options on the touchpad, and the Latte Art Factory dispenses milk for practically any situation, from textured cappuccino milk to cold milk to go into an iced drink. The device can handle more than milk—you can also set up the machine to make nitro cold brew, cold foam, and dispense coffee concentrates.

The Latte Art Factory was designed by Frank Buna, a Germany-based manufacturer of tech-forward commercial espresso and milk frothing equipment, and is now available in the United States. You can see the Latte Art Factory in action at the Specialty Coffee Expo, Booth #2060, in Chicago from April 12-14.

We spoke with Lindsay Buescher, marketing director at Latte Art Factory, about how automated milk frothing unlocks new beverage and service capabilities for cafes.

Latte Art Factory has been awarded the Specialty Coffee Association’s Best New Product Award three times for commercial beverage preparation. Why do you think your product has performed so well?

It’s quite simple. Over the past ten years, coffee machines and grinders have undergone many changes and customizations towards automation and precision. Milk steaming remained a manual craft for the most part. 

Thanks to our revolutionary innovation, we have changed how people prepare their beverages. Cafe owners are currently facing challenges related to rising operational and staffing costs, training, and consistency, all while trying to maintain quality. Our solution addresses all of these concerns and can help any cafe streamline workflows and prepare beverages better and faster. 

What kinds of milk textures can the Latte Art Factory make? 

We understand that coffee businesses desire more than just milk foam for latte art—they want the ability to create perfectly thick foam for cappuccinos and other milk textures for signature drinks. Additionally, cafe owners want the capability to prepare cold foam for iced lattes without the need for extra tools or additional time. The Latte Art Factory bundles up this versatility in one solution.  

The Latte Art Factory can pull milk from the built-in dual tank system or can be plumbed into an existing milk delivery system.

Your website has a video explaining how the Latte Art Factory works. One of the machine’s attributes is that it can create three milk textures and combine them into a single drink. Can you explain what that means and how cafes can use this function? 

Correct. The Latte Art Factory was designed to dispense milk and coffee in up to three different phases (in one single drink!), meaning it can create almost any drink. 

Can you give an example?

You could dispense (1) nitro cold brew, top it up with (2) cold liquid milk, and finally (3) solid cold milk foam.

Another popular example: you could dispense (1) hot coffee concentrate, followed by (2) hot liquid milk foam, and topped with (3) solid milk foam.

Another example, since it is popular in the US right now, would be a riff on Starbucks’ Pink Drink. You could dispense (1) cold strawberry milk followed by (2) solid cold foam from coconut or dairy milk and then top it up with (3) solid strawberry cold foam for a multi-layered Instagram-worthy drink. 

What’s your favorite way you’ve seen the Latte Art Factory integrated into a cafe’s workflow? 

Our favorite cafe setting for the Latte Art Factory is alongside a classic espresso machine and paired with a top-of-the-line automated grinder for precisely controlled grind by weight and auto-dialed extractions. Of course, our solution then dispenses milk foam to the optimal temperature and texture, contributing to the cafe’s automated excellence without compromising its traditional aesthetic. 

We’ve been seeing a growing trend of creative applications of the Latte Art Factory, and we love to see them all! For instance, businesses are leveraging the Latte Art Factory specifically for tasks like dispensing cold foam or nitro cold brew alongside a cold brew maker or even integrating it into a mobile coffee catering service. 

How should craft-minded cafes and baristas consider using a tool like the Latte Art Factory that introduces automation into their workflow?

Specialty cafes and baristas should view the Latte Art Factory as an invaluable tool that enhances their ability to achieve excellence and quality in their offerings. By incorporating automation, they can elevate their menu to stand out from the competition and cater to evolving customer preferences, such as offering drinks with fresh cold foam.  

Consistency and quality are key, especially when managing multiple locations, and the Latte Art Factory has proven to be a reliable solution that ensures uniformity across all outlets. It is also a crucial asset during peak hours, enabling cafes to boost their output without compromising customer experience. Sustainability is another key consideration, and the Latte Art Factory makes cafes more sustainable by reducing milk waste by up to 25%.  

Furthermore, it’s important to address milk dilution when using steam, which can be anywhere from 10-20%. Latte Art Factory mitigates water dilution with its patented air-flow technology, meaning you get the purest milk taste and velvety smooth textures. Ultimately, integrating the Latte Art Factory into their operations empowers craft-minded cafes and baristas to uphold their commitment to delivering exceptional coffee experiences while embracing innovation. 

What does the cloud technology of Latte Art Factory offer to cafes?

For cafe owners who ever wished they could check on their machine from anywhere, with Latte Art Factory, that is possible. With a secure connection, your service provider can monitor and adjust settings without being tied to the cafe. 

Your service provider can also solve most issues with remote service and benefit by reducing your cafe’s machine downtime and repair costs. 

Lastly, our machine isn’t just making milk foam—it’s also gathering valuable data! Full telemetry capabilities mean you can track usage, optimize operations, and spot areas for improvement through insightful data analysis. 

Sponsored by Latte Art Factory

Latte Art Factory is a 3x SCA award-winning commercial milk frother designed to improve cafe workflows and consistency while reducing milk waste.

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