That’s a Wrap on Re:co Symposium 2020

The coffee community united behind their screens to participate in the first-ever virtual Re:co Symposium for two days of talks, sensory evaluations, and more.
by Caitlin Carter | July 22, 2020

5 Minutes With: Peter Giuliano, Chief Research Officer, SCA

Peter Giuliano is the Chief Research Officer of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and Executive Director of the Coffee Science Foundation (CSF).
by Janae Easlon | July 15, 2020

SCA Sustainability Award Winners

The Specialty Coffee Association announced this week the 2020 SCA Sustainability Award winners.
by Fresh Cup Staff | July 8, 2020

SCA Announces New Coffee Price Crisis Response Initiative

Ever since August, when the commodities market dropped below $1.00 a pound, alarm bells have been ringing throughout the industry: coffee prices are dangerously low.
by Fresh Cup Staff | December 19, 2018

Boston Coffee Party

In 2019, the Specialty Coffee Expo and Re:co Symposium are making a cross-country trek to hold their annual celebration of specialty coffee in Boston. Registration for both events is now open.
by Fresh Cup Staff | December 12, 2018

SCA Expo Three-peats in Seattle

For the third straight year, the Specialty Coffee Association filled the Washington State Convention Center for its annual Global Specialty Coffee Expo.
by Peter Szymczak | April 24, 2018

Cafe Crawl: Coffee in Bucharest

Specialty coffee in the "Little Paris of the East."
by Shannon Kelly | September 5, 2017

Supply Chain 101

Examining how coffee gets from farms to roasteries.
by Chris Ryan | August 7, 2017

Do You Know Pure Eire Dairy?

The specialty coffee dairy partner in Othello, Washington.
by Ellie Bradley | July 18, 2017

Cross Canada Coffee Swap

Connecting with other communities through concurrent tasting events.
by Rachel Northrop | July 13, 2017