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Slayer Steam specialty coffee espresso machine.

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[E]spresso machines are café workhorses. But these machines aren’t your average pony—with so many advancements in design and technology, these ’spro stallions are begging for center stage on your bar.

La Marzocco Linea PB specialty coffee espresso machine.

Inconsistency Weighing You Down?

The La Marzocco R&D team logged some serious hours the last few years, showing off their hard work in the latest offering from the Linea PB line. Featuring the new Auto Brew Ratio that uses precise scales beneath each group head, the Linea PB allows baristas to automatically and easily recall preferred brew ratios while eliminating the step of weighing and correcting coffee doses for a consistent, streamlined result.

Synesso Hydra MVP specialty coffee espresso machine; espresso machines

Three Heads are Better than One

Finely tuning espresso recipes is important for baristas who have high demands from their customers, and the Hydra MVP from Synesso offers enough customization with its universal group heads, six available positions per group, and water count control—among other features—that every cup can be granularly measured and exact. Oh, and did we mention the full spectrum of custom powder-coated colors?

Slayer Steam specialty coffee espresso machine; espresso machines

Slay the Competition

Take complete control—over temperature, flow rate, and milk steaming. The Slayer Steam features the Vaporizer, a compact super-heater that increases steam temperature to create a dry, invisible vapor and promote full flavor development in all milk varieties. Steam actuators come with programmable presets for temperature and flow rate, allowing the highest degree of personalization for every beverage.

Kees van der Westen specialty coffee espresso machine; espresso machines

That’s the Spirit!

Kees van der Westen developed the Spirit’s multiple boiler systems with the busy coffee shop in mind: each group has its own boiler for coffee brewing, while a larger boiler produces hot water and steam for the machine. Handcrafted in the Netherlands, the efficient, high-precision Spirit features loads of tools to make your job easier, including a slow-automatic infusion process that gradually builds pressure to full extraction mode, allowing a finer grind for more surface area and higher yield in the cup.

Victoria Arduino VA388 Black Eagle Gravitech specialty coffee espresso machine.

Embrace Your Inner Control Freak

Consistency is key for any busy barista, and the Victoria Arduino VA388 Black Eagle Gravitech provides a precise brew ratio every time—just set the weight of the liquid and let the machine do the rest. T3 Technology maintains stable brewing group, water infusion, and steam temperatures independently of each other for extra control. The VA388 Black Eagle also comes packed in a sleek, asymmetrical design available in black or white finishes.

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