In Memoriam: Piero Bambi (1934-2020)

On Sunday, March 22, the coffee industry lost an icon: La Marzocco’s Piero Bambi.
by Fresh Cup Staff | March 24, 2020

How Did We Get Here?

A time line of coffee's history.
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The Cape of Good Coffee

Cape Town has some of South Africa's best coffee.
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Who You Gonna Call?

The decision to hire an equipment technician, or build out your maintenance program in-house is one all café owners must answer.
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Welcome to Miami

Meet the pioneers transforming Miami's coffee industry.
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Inside Digital Espresso Machines

Technological advances have turned espresso into data-driven science.
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Do You Know Elizabeth Chai?

From barista crushes to high-profile design projects, our conversation with Elizabeth Chai.
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ACR Opens Lakeview Café

Serving exceptional beverages and offering a craft coffee experience in Whole Foods Markets.
by Rachel Sandstrom Morrison | March 29, 2017

The Gentlemen Baristas

Coffee with class at Edward Parkes and Henry Ayers' London café.
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Spotlight-Stealing Espresso Machines

These jaw-dropping espresso machines will have the attention of all your café customers.
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