Ceramic Artist Offers a Different Take on Teatime

Seattle Art Museum's new exhibit, "Taking Tea."
by Barbara Lloyd McMichael | December 26, 2018

Tea-Commerce Meets E-Commerce

Vahdam Teas is bringing the tea industry into the 21st Century. With a $2.5 million infusion of venture capital, the two-year-old company is poised to go from underdog to market leader.
by Fresh Cup Staff | October 9, 2018

US Skips Tea in Tariffs

Tea managed to stay off the list for this round of tariffs against China—but there’s a good chance it won't escape forever.
by Fresh Cup Staff | October 3, 2018

New Organization Aims to be the SCA of Tea

A new upstart in the UK, the European Tea Society, is inspired by the SCA.
by Fresh Cup Staff | September 12, 2018

Brewing Tea

The factors and techniques that can create the perfect cup of tea.
by Tony Tellin | August 28, 2017

Lips and Curves: The Anatomy of a Teacup

Finding the right teacup is a key decision for tea shops.
by Jessica Natale Woollard | May 8, 2017

Chinese Tea 101

An in-depth look at green, white, oolong, red, and pu-erh teas.
by Jeffrey McIntosh | February 8, 2017

Too Much Tea

Paring down a tea menu.
by Jeffrey McIntosh | August 10, 2016

Canadian Tea

Canada's first tea crop.
by Cory Eldridge | July 5, 2016

Bringing Tea to Britain, Again

A wave of young Brits are reintroducing their fellow citizens to tea.
by Michelle Comins | May 23, 2016