Bang For Your Buck: Top Marketing Insights From Coffee Fest New York

In March of 2023, I had the honor of leading three different panel discussions at Coffee Fest in New York. This was the first in-person event I got to attend as a representative of…
by Garrett Oden | May 12, 2023

Reflections On Relaunching Fresh Cup: Year One

Fresh Cup relaunched one year ago—here are the lessons we’ve learned along the way and our big plans for the future ahead.
by Garrett Oden | May 11, 2023

Experts Share Emerging Coffee Industry Trends Of 2023

Time to pick up a pen and paper: from automation to changing consumer habits, industry professionals tell us what's on their radar for 2023.
by Garrett Oden | April 12, 2023

How Modest Coffee Lost $250K On A Distributor Order, Then Made It All Back Again

After receiving what seemed like a dream order from a national distributor, Modest Coffee lost almost $250k: here's how they recouped it all—and what they learned from the deal gone wrong.
by Garrett Oden | March 15, 2023

Take The First-Ever Coffee Business Owner Salary Survey

We’re inviting coffee shop and roasting company business owners to participate in the first-ever Coffee Business Owner Salary Survey.
by Garrett Oden | February 2, 2023

The Top 10 Most-Read Fresh Cup Articles of 2022

We used a "fancy" math equation to determine the most popular Fresh Cup stories of 2022.
by Garrett Oden | December 28, 2022

Welcome To The New Fresh Cup!

The reimagined Fresh Cup reflects our transition to an online-first magazine and our optimism for a better coffee future.
by Garrett Oden | December 1, 2022

Summit Coffee Will Open 8+ Locations Per Year: Brian Helfrich Tells Us How

Summit has found a creative solution in an industry where sustained growth can feel nearly impossible: franchising.
by Garrett Oden | May 19, 2022

Hey Friends, Let’s Pour a Fresh Cup

We're back! Fresh Cup has been offering coffee-related information for three decades. Here's what's coming during the next era of our publication.
by Garrett Oden | April 18, 2022

A Day in the Life of a Competitive Barista

Sleepless nights, after-hours practice sessions, and a honey processed Guatemalan coffee.
by Garrett Oden | March 15, 2017